Name Email Address
Dr. Trent Daniel [email protected] Principal
Tanya Cameron [email protected] Assistant Principal
Nancy Diaz [email protected] Assistant Principal
Jaclyn DiMatteo [email protected] Assistant Principal
Matt Guglielmello [email protected] Assistant Principal
Drew Morgan [email protected] Assistant Principal
Demetrius Galindez [email protected] School Administration Manager
John Rondone [email protected] School Administration Manager
Jennifer Darty [email protected] Athletic Director
Sarah Reilly [email protected] Guidance Director (Serving students with last name Dec-Ha)
Katisha Byrd [email protected] Guidance (Serving students with last name Hb-Mik)
Melinda Craft [email protected] Guidance (Serving students with last name A-c)
Marie Oyler [email protected] Guidance (Counselor to students with the last name Sane-Z)
Todd Simmons [email protected] Guidance (Serving All ESE Students Except Gifted)
Arnita Washington [email protected] Guidance (Serving students with last name Mil-Sand)
Keisha Jordan [email protected] New Horizons Counselor (Serving all OHS students)
Shauna Dameron [email protected] New Horizons Counselor (Serving all OHS students)
Diana Albino [email protected] ESSS Parapro
Rosalin Baird [email protected] Receptionist
Nick Boylston [email protected] Network Specialist
Lamar Calloway [email protected] Head Custodian
Michael Cerullo [email protected] School Safety Guard
Claudia DeLa Concepcion [email protected] ESSS Secretary
Zachary Descheneaux [email protected] ESSS Parapro
Lon Garfield [email protected] ESSS Paraparo
Jessica Gonzales [email protected] JET Coach
Jennifer Knoerzer [email protected] Guidance Secretary
Jennifer Nicole Lopez-Olmedo [email protected]  ESSS Parapro
Lilian Mekhail [email protected] ESSS Parapro
Teresa Merck [email protected] FTE Clerk
Ryan Meyer [email protected] Police Officer/SRO
Justin Morse [email protected] Instructional Parapro
Cafeteria Office [email protected] Cafeteria
Danielle Owen [email protected] Athletic Secretary
Patricia Palenzuela [email protected] Discipline Secretary
Bonnie Presley [email protected] School Safety Guard
Gabe Roberts [email protected] Police Officer/SRO
Marcus Robinson [email protected] School Safety Guard
Susan Rodenburg [email protected] Executive Secretary
Suleyka Rodriguez [email protected] ESSS Parapro
Jennifer Smith [email protected] Clinic Assistant
Denise Solina [email protected] Records Secretary
Michele Sorrentino [email protected] ESSS Parapro
Michele Tibbetts [email protected] Attendance Secretary
Azariah Turner [email protected] Instructional Parapro
Rob Van Heusen [email protected] Police Officer/SRO
Isiah Williams [email protected] School Safety Guard
Janet Williams [email protected] Bookkeeping
Cori Frye [email protected] Acceleration
Robert Dove [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Daniel Evans [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Catherine Krupica [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Jennifer Patrick [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Kevin Patterson [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Brittany Rogers [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Benjamin Ross [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Karen Stapleton [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Thomas Sterling [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Lisa Van Smith [email protected] Career & Technical Education
Tyler Backel [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Cassidy Bailey [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Yamilia Colon Ramos [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Joyce Davis [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Noah Day [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Jennifer DiPietro [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Danielle Franco [email protected] Execptional Student Education
Shari Gray [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Shelby Hennessey [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Brandi Hernandez [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Melissa Howe [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Christopher Meadows [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Jordan Rice [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Sasha Ruiz [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Deborah Shea [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Nadia Charcap [email protected] World Languages
Adelaida Ehinger [email protected] World Languages
Jessica Garrett [email protected] World Languages
Victoria Huffman [email protected] World Languages
Temple O'Connor [email protected] World Languages
Jacquelyn Reilly [email protected] World Languages
Courtney Boucher [email protected] English Language Arts
Taylor Byron [email protected] English Language Arts
Gina Cuello [email protected] English Language Arts, ESOL
Nicole Davis [email protected] English Language Arts
Erin DiCarolis [email protected] English Language Arts
Dwight Dorman [email protected] English Language Arts
Kimberly Finnegan [email protected] English Language Arts
Shelley Gray [email protected] English Language Arts
Margaret Hueston [email protected] English Language Arts
Kate Kammeraad [email protected] English Language Arts
Stephen Lander [email protected] English Language Arts
Coral LeBeau [email protected] English Language Arts
Amber Mercer [email protected] English Language Arts
Shannon Nichols [email protected] English Language Arts
Kathryn Petty [email protected] English Language Arts
Andrew Poole [email protected] English Language Arts
Henry Richmond [email protected] English Language Arts
Joseph Roberts [email protected] English Language Arts
Katheryne Siudmak [email protected] English Language Arts
Paulette Stadelmann [email protected] English Language Arts
Joel Freund [email protected] Math
Saida Griesemer [email protected] Math
Marissa Hamilton [email protected] Math
Steven Hill [email protected] Math
Anna Hollis-Childress [email protected] Math
Geoffrey Howard [email protected] Math
Matthew Hueston [email protected] Math
Angela-Mia Kilmer [email protected] Math
Caitlin Kummer [email protected] Math
Jesse Patrick [email protected] Math
Jenna Porrovecchio [email protected] Math
Katherine Rawlings [email protected] Math
Allie Rondone [email protected] Math
Erica Segrest [email protected] Math
Deborah Shea [email protected] Math
Tara Skaggs [email protected] Math
Kristin Storie [email protected] Math
Paul Wilkie [email protected] Math & Credit Retrieval
Tim Carter [email protected] Fine & Performing Arts
Zachary Chowning [email protected] Fine & Performing Arts
Anne Jennings [email protected] Fine & Performing Arts
Benjamin Langevin [email protected] Fine & Performing Arts
Tonia Letzo [email protected] Fine & Performing Arts
Natalie Sansone [email protected] Fine & Performing Arts
Morgan Watts [email protected]   Fine & Performing Arts
Philip Enright [email protected] Physical Education
Myles Majoy [email protected] Physical Education
Loudenve Marc [email protected] Physical Education
Kevin Mathews [email protected] Physical Education
Gregory Odierno [email protected] Physical Education
Erica Zimolzak-Coe [email protected] Physical Education
Tracy Alfert [email protected] Science
Chris Capp [email protected] Science
Joel Chisholm [email protected] Science
Heather Clayton [email protected] Science
Heather DeLong [email protected] Science
Amy Demins [email protected] Science
William Furiosi [email protected] Science
Benjamin Hogue [email protected] Science
Dior King-Aris [email protected] Science
Fengchun Li [email protected] Science
Nick Mallay [email protected] Science
John McKernan [email protected] Science
Jason Orlewicz [email protected] Science
Amber Petschel [email protected] Science
Elizabeth Quinn [email protected] Science
Kathy Savage [email protected] Science
Scott Waisanen [email protected] Science
Art Woodruff [email protected] Science
Bill Bronga [email protected] Social Studies
Kimberly Cox [email protected] Social Studies
Kaitlin Darling [email protected] Social Studies
Jennifer Dilmore [email protected] Social Studies
Brian Furgione [email protected] Social Studies
Ryan Hennessy [email protected] Social Studies
Hildreth House [email protected] Social Studies
John Howell [email protected] Social Studies
Jessica Jenkins [email protected] Social Studies
Shawn Knaub [email protected] Social Studies
Liam Mason [email protected] Social Studies
Kimberly McKernan [email protected] Social Studies
Brett Simonelli [email protected] Social Studies
Kevin Wainscott [email protected] Social Studies
Zachary Waters [email protected] Social Studies
Ian Young [email protected] Social Studies
Harry Haverkamp [email protected] NJROTC
Daniel Trainor [email protected] NJROTC


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